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18th World Congress of Psychotherapy

Crossroads of Clinical Practice and Research
Trondheim, Norway, 14-18 Aug. 2002

reasons to go to Trondheim

...besides WCP 2002, of course...

in short

historical beats of the wings

sound of music

breathtaking nature

thorough knowledge and skill

famous persons from Trondheim

welcome to the city where history meets modern technology

According to some Norwegian history books would only be covers without pages if it was not for Trondheim and surrounding areas - They may well be right. In Trondheim, the stones speak a language everyone understands.

The locals say that the size of Stiftsgården, the most impressive of the many timber mansions in Trondheim, is a result of three ambitious ladies in the 18th century competing to build the largest and most impressive residence. Now, Stiftsgården is the Royal family's official residence in Trondheim and our three ladies made a beautiful contribution to the timber architecture of the city

According to the legend, a year after King Olav Haraldsson was killed in battle his coffin had emerged in the sand. When the body was examined, his hair and nails had grown, and the King's cheeks were red - as if he was sleeping. It was Holy water, which healed people, that had emerged at the place where he was buried. The King was declared St Olav and one of the largest medieval building in Northern Europe, Nidaros Cathedral, was erected over his tomb, a worldwide renowned pilgrim destination.

"imagination and fantasy are just as important as knowledge"

Welcome to one of Europe's largest independent research environments. History permeates the old, but modern city of knowledge and expertise: Trondheim with its internationally recognized institutions for education and strong centres in technology, marine technology and medical research.

Social competition as a pecking order by T Schjelderup-Ebbe, is Norway's most cited scientific textbook all over the world. The pecking order is related to human behaviour and explains the formation of hierarchy between individuals in a competitive environment. The contrast to this is the scientific approach to soc-cer by the manager of Trondheim's highly successful football team, Rosenborg, Nils Arne Eggen and his "Goodfoot theory." He emphasises the im-portance for all of us focusing on people around us, not as rivals, but as resources for growth and success on a daily basis. The club made history with their qualification in the European Champions League 7 years in a row...

Building bridges between research and the public is also of great importance. Issues like love, intimacy and emotions contrasted with the focus on technological research.

welcome to a country were you have the legal right to enjoy nature

The history of Trondheim is dramatic - as is its scenery. The contrasts are impressive. Even in the city of Trondheim you are only a 10-minute trip from the forest with footpaths, ancient trees, wild life and hills, as well as beautiful views over the city and the fjord. Getting there is easy. The city's only tram line runs from St Olav street in the city centre to Lian in Bymarka. The 110 km greenbelt in Trondheim is a good starting point for this walks or horseback riding in the mountain terrain.

Norway offers some of the best salmon rivers in the world. Six of the top ten rivers in Norway are located in central Norway. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for angling.

culture makes the dust from everyday life disappear

The typical inhabitant is an ardent patriot who insists that Trondheim is the world's greatest city to live in. They take pride in welcoming you to all the activities the city can offer. Trondheim famous market is the place to meet on a summers day. The real centre of Trondheim with market stalls packed with flowers, large juicy strawberries and all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Even busy people slow down to watch and perhaps to be noticed. Trondheim has enough to satisfy the needs of the avid shop-per. You can also find a variety of handicraft shops all over the city. For popular gifts, look at the pottery, glassware and knitwear. The theatres show how well-ingrained culture is in this part of the country. The old part of Tröndelag Theatre is Norway's oldest theatre with a total of five stages and abroad repertoire from musicals and children’s plays to classical drama and modern theatre. People in Trondheim and the region are ironically termed impulsive providing you allow them time to think... Steady and calm, but with an exceptional sense of humour. Jokes and stories from the region are renowned.

And when the autumn evenings are supposed to sweep us into sweet dreams, the roar from Trondheim's football stadium Lerkendal, takes over. The 22 000 supporters thrive on the atmosphere that comes Rosenborg football club at this time of the year.

today’s special...

Last but not least. Take a stroll in the white night. Go to one of many small restaurants, sit down and relax...
With some of the world's best salmon rivers near to us, salmon is the king of the local cuisine. The variety of game is also a local speciality and in season there is grouse and tasty steaks from reindeer or elk. The local garnish often consists of mountain cranberries and wild mushrooms. For dessert: In the autumn, try the local strawberries. The soil and climate this far north makes them ripen slowly and are sweeter than you have ever tasted before.

With a café on virtually every corner in the city, Trondheim can claim to be one of Europe's most urban small cities. These are places to relax and socialize in comfortable seating with a cup of exquisite coffee or hot chocolate.

On your way back to the hotel we recommend a walk along the narrow streets, but stop on the Old Town Bridge called "Lykkens portal", The Gate of Happiness. From the bridge you can enjoy the subtle colours of the old wharves along the river, Trondheim's original market place. The view into the fjord and the interplay between sky and water are worth more than a casual glance.

Also, please check out Trondheim's own, official web site.

You are here: wcp 2002 -> Trondheim
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